Fingerstyle vs Strumming

Is Fingerstyle Harder Than Strumming?

Well, first things first. You might be asking the wrong question. Learning the guitar has such a high drop-off rate. So many people start their guitar journey and then quit learning. The question you should really ask yourself is:

Which one inspires you to pick up your guitar and practice?

Ok. Now let’s take a look at the main differences between strumming and fingerstyle. I’ll finally answer the million-dollar question. :)

Which is harder? Fingerstyle or Strumming?

If you take a closer look, you’ll see much more things happening when your finger picks the strings than when strum.

Fingerstyle requires much more dexterity and accuracy. It means that it requires more coordination from the small muscles in your hands. The rhythm can get much more complicated with fingerpicking. And you always have to be aware of each chord's bass note to know which strings you should pick.

Singing can also be trickier when fingerpicking than when strumming. More things are going on with your hand's movement, so singing and playing may be challenging.

It does come with practice. But, in my humble opinion, fingerstyle is much harder than strumming. An intermediate fingerstyle is probably more complicated than the hardest strumming pattern.

Ok, why should you learn strumming first?

If you’re completely new to guitar, I recommend that you start with strumming patterns first. This is how I teach in my Beginner Course.

Getting comfortable with strumming first will make your journey easier. It'll allow you to:

  • Get used to the chord shapes;
  • Get a handle of how rhythm works;
  • Know where the bass notes are.

Face The Challenge!

If fingerstyle is what keeps you motivated, go ahead and face the challenge. This lesson on how to get started with fingerstyle will give you all the first steps you need. If you’re having fun during your practice sessions, you'll overcome all challenges. :)

Never learn something because someone told you so. It has to make sense to you! Learning guitar requires discipline, and discipline requires motivation.

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