Forcing Chord Changes

The one thing that’s worse than just playing chords incorrectly in a song is sloppy rhythm! Having pauses in the music really messes with the groove and even non-musicians will pick up on it. This is a common thing amongst beginners mainly because they’re not always super comfortable with their chord changes yet. They tend to fumble their fingers around a bit, struggling to get each finger exactly in place before they can get that perfect strum.

If you’ve been using my JustinGuitar Beginner App, you’re probably not struggling with this as much as those who haven’t been using it. The app doesn’t stop and wait for you to play a chord before continuing on, so instead, you’ve got to just hit the chords on the beat as best you can or you'll find yourself falling behind.

If you’re not using the app, make sure you are spending some time practising with a metronome. Even if you miss a chord, just keep going with the rhythm! Skip a chord if you need to but don't stop the strumming hand from moving.

If you're struggling to make the changes in time, don’t hold the chord as long as you normally would - give yourself more time to set your fingers up for the coming chord! Just focus on hitting the chord on beat 1, no matter what it takes to get you there. This should be your new goal with practising going forward.

In addition to the JustinGuitar Beginner App and practising with a metronome, your One Minute Changes exercise will help you get your chord changes down much faster over time.

Practising this helps you push your fingers out of their comfort zone! You might feel the pressure a bit, but sometimes that pressure is a good thing. It’ll get easier to keep up with as you go on, and you’ll be able to hit more chords than maybe you’re currently hitting.


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