Fun play along with A & D

Ok, there's a lot still to learn about playing A and D, and a lot more help coming up with tips on changing between the two chords - which is what most beginners struggle with the most (after getting over the finger pain!), however - it's all about fun and jamming along with this track is something you might want to have some fun with right now!

There are just the two chords D and A, and you can play just one strum on each chord and jam along! Works fine for both acoustic and electric.

Don't be disheartened if you find this difficult - most beginners should find it challenging - but it will help you understand why chord changes are so important and help you heed the advice that follows... 

and you might find that you can do it and it's really cool fun!

and it'l give you some ideas of what's in store in the future, more fun strumming and chord embellishments and that kind of thing.

The app has a bunch of songs for each stage of my Beginner Course and I think you'll find it a great companion to my lessons here!

It's available for iOS and Android: The JustinGuitar Beginner Song Course


Beginner 1: First Steps