Garage Band: Introduction

It really is an incredible bit of software, you can record your guitar and voice, edit and add effects and there is a staggering amount of loops and samples to play with to make backing tracks - and it's dead easy!! If you've got a mac you really ought to spend some time with it, I believe it to be the best introduction to recording!

It's always very useful to learn the basic key commands, it will speed up your workflow incredibly compared with using the mouse all the time. So here are the basic ones covered in this Introduction lesson.

< space bar > Start / Stop
< return > Back to the start
< right arrow > Forward by a bar
< left arrow > Back by a bar
C Cycle Mode on/off
cmd + U Metronome on/off
ctrl + < right arrow > Zoom In
ctrl + < left arrow > Zoom Out
cmd + < shift > + N Create New Track

I'll give you more useful key commands as we go through future lessons!

Next lesson will be on using loops to create backing tracks...

Getting Into Garage Band