Garage Band: Using Loops To Make A Backing Track

The loops included in GarageBand are incredible, both in range of styles and in quality, and learning to use and edit them makes it easy to create your own backing tracks to jam over. Loads of fun and lots to learn!

I had an audio 'issue' with my screencast software and the sample rate of GB and the program were different and made clicky sounds in the GB audio when I edited... but as the rest of the lesson was fine I left it in there and I promise to improve for future lessons ;).

Key Commands

It's always very useful to learn the basic key commands, will speed up your workflow incredibly compared with using the mouse all the time. So here are the basic ones covered in this Introduction lesson.

< space bar > Start / Stop
< return > Back to the start
< right arrow > Forward by a bar
< left arrow > Back by a bar
C Cycle Mode on/off
cmd + U Metronome on/off
ctrl + < right arrow > Zoom In
ctrl + < left arrow > Zoom Out
cmd + < shift > + N Create New Track

Next lesson we'll get recording your guitar over some loops!!

Getting Into Garage Band