Getting Help Along The Way

The main reasons that I chose this website format over another pdf ebook for this updated and massively expanded version of Practical Music Theory are: 

1. Questions 
Users can ask questions right on the page of the lesson itself; other users can see my answers and hopefully avoid asking the same questions.

Please make sure that your questions are on-topic for the lesson itself. Avoid asking about more complex concepts until the point that they're presented in the course, or it could get really messy! If I do answer a question in the text I may delete the original post that asked the question, just to keep things tidy. Remember, there are no stupid questions! If you don't understand something, I've not done a good enough job explaining it! So ask away. 

2. Edits 
Online, I can edit, improve and expand on the lessons quickly and easily, for instance in response to a particular topic that I notice lots of people are struggling with. I will be adding video lessons to many of the lessons as I see they are needed. So your questions will actually help me constantly improve the site. :) 

3. New Lessons 
If I notice that there is something missing, or if I'm getting a lot of questions about something, it's easy for me to add a whole new lesson to make the theory journey easier, more fun and better in general.

4. Expandability 
I plan to keep this thing growing and growing, adding more and more complex theory concepts until I exhaust my own knowledge and have to start researching for it! So I'm hoping this site will grow and entertain your musical mind for many years to come and give you plenty of food for thought and inspire your practical musical explorations!

The above points mean that I need to put in a lot more ongoing work than just releasing and selling an ebook, which is why the subscription model has to be the way forward. And it means it makes financial sense for me to keep improving, updating and expanding it too... and though money doesn't motivate me, making an awesome music theory course does (and so does making sure I have a secure future for my daughter!).

I really hope that you'll think that the site is good value and that it’s the best place to learn music theory for guitarists. If not, please email me and let me know, and I'll sort something out - I want y'all to be happy to be there. :)

Wishing you a fun and insightful journey into Music Theory Land!

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