Grade 1 Feedback Please!


So, we're at the end of Grade 1! :) In our color system, this is the White grade. We explored some guitar basics so you can develop your skills with confidence. We learned how to play the most common open chords and started building your strumming techniques. By now, you should be confident with easy campfire-type songs, and I hope you're having loads of fun.



Now I'd love to know how you feel about the course, what I can improve on - constructive feedback and good vibes both appreciated! :) Please complete this form sharing your feedback for Grade 1, and I'll do my best to continue to improve the course.


Get a 30-Min Lesson Chat With Justin

Once a month, one student that fills the form will be selected for a one on one 30 min lesson chat with me! :) Can't wait to read all your feedback, get to know your guitar journey a bit better, and meet some of you. See you around, and thanks for choosing me as your guitar teacher. Cheers, J.