Happy Birthday Finger Style

To call this song a “classic” would be an incredible understatement, so I’m going to assume you know it! For this finger style “Happy Birthday” song, we’re going to be working on a chord-melody thing. The thumb will be playing the root note of the chords and the fingers will play the melody line.

For most beginners, you’ll just be using the thumb and 1st finger for now, but if you find it easier to also use your other fingers, go for it.

With this song, the chords are simple enough, but there is an F chord to be wary of! However, the chords aren’t really the main focus this time. You’ve got to worry about coordinating your fingers this time.

I know I say this a lot, but it really is important to take this slowly at first. The fingers on your strumming hand aren’t used to this yet, so they may struggle with their dexterity and finger independence. Give them time to get used to doing what you’re asking them to.

Also, break the song up. Work on the first bit, get it down pretty well, and memorize it! Once you’ve got that part down, you can move on to the second bit. Once it’s all mastered and perfect, you’re ready for the next birthday party. You’ll be a hit!


You'll find a TAB in PDF formate and also for GuitarPro in the downloads tab :)

The TAB is also shown on the My Practice Assistant video play along!

Lesson 11: Sus Fingerstyle