How To Tune A Guitar For Beginners

The first thing we need to do before playing the guitar is to get it in tune! I recommend you tune your guitar before each practice session. So, you're always listening to accurate notes. We don't want to get used to the wrong stuff, right? ;)

Tuning your guitar is easier than you think. Later on our journey, we'll explore how to do it by ear - a great skill to develop! Right now, we'll learn how to tune a guitar for beginners by using a tuner. If you need help putting on a new set of strings, check out the Guitar Maintenance module.

Tuners work better if the guitar is almost in tune. If you just changed your strings, you may need to use your ear. The goal is to get closer to the note so that the tuner can do its job! Be aware that you may have to tune your guitar twice. Sometimes, the neck can move back and forth, and it changes the tension of the strings. Not a problem – just go back and do some fine-tuning.


How to Get an Accurate Tuning

You may struggle to pick individual strings well enough to get an accurate tuning. It's completely normal, don't worry about it. Here's a simple solution:

Use your thumb instead of a pick!

Strum a string with your thumb, and then rest it on the string below it.

Tuning the guitar is not hard, and I'm sure you can do it!


The Best Tuner for Beginners

There are a few different ways you can tune your guitar. You can use a stand-alone tuner or a tuner app on your phone. The clip-on tuner is usually accurate and the best one for beginners. They are relatively cheap, and it's easy and quick to use.


Recommended Clip-on Tuners

The TC Electronic PolyTune Clip is a bit more expensive than other tuners but much more accurate. It has excellent battery life. It’s small and easy to use. It also shows you the tuning of all strings at once. 

The Snark Tuner is excellent for beginners. The downside is that it's a bit too big. Well, it's good enough for the price. It does the job!

The D'Addario Micro Tuner is fantastic if you want to leave it on your guitar all the time. Accurate and easy to use – reasonable price too!


Recommended App Tuners

If you prefer to go with an APP,  Peterson Strobosoft is your way to go. Check out Strobe Tuners for the most accurate app tuners ever made. I've used these apps for a long time. You can get outstanding accuracy for hardly any money!

Keep in mind that you need to amplify your electric guitar for an APP to work well. You don't have to plug an electric guitar if using a clip-on tuner. For more help on tuning your instrument, check out the Tune Your Guitar module.