How To Use Justin's Song App

You don't HAVE to have my Song app to use this course (I've even provided play-along videos for those that can't afford to, or just don't want to) but it really is an incredible tool for beginner guitarists. It's available for android and iOS and there is a week free trial to give it a go before parting with your money.

In this video I explain how to use it with this new '2020' course - it was designed to integrate my 'classic' course structure and so of the lessons will be in different places! The developers and I are working on an updated version of the app but it's going to be a little while before it's done - please note that the app is available on subscription and that the updated app will be a free upgrade for all subscribers, so you don't need to wait to buy it.

Any problems or confusion - please just ask in the comments below!


The main feature of the app I suggest you use is the songs. In each lesson, I will suggest songs that I think are best for each lesson - all you need to do it hit the guitar icon at the bottom to get the songbook, and then use the search function (magnifying glass in the top right) to search for your song!

Save To Playlist

Once you find a song you want to use I suggest you right swipe it so you can save it to your own Playlist and find it easier later!


The other super feature that some people forget about is the speed adjustment (blue vertical line on the left) and for beginners playing songs for the first time - being able to slow it down is really super cool!

Lots of other useful features

So even if the app was designed with the 'classic' course, every lesson and feature is still useful and worth exploring (I mostly re-arranged the order and broke lessons down into smaller more effective chunks) so do explore other features and the lessons, but I would advise not jumping ahead and making sure you get each lesson done properly before moving on.