I'm Yours (ukulele)

This is probably one of the first songs people think of when they think of a pop song with a ukulele. This one’s fairly easy as it uses some of the common beginner uke chords - C, G, Am, and F - with an occasional D7 chord thrown in there.

By the way, this isn’t meant to be played along with the original recording! The original is in the key of B, but this version is in C. In fact, to play it with the original, you’d have to stick a capo all the way up on the 11th fret, which would make the song nearly impossible to play unless you’ve got itty bitty fingers! Also, it can be difficult to sing this song way up there.

While the chords aren’t terribly complex for this song, pay attention to your strumming! You really want to feel into this one and make it groovy.

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