Incy Wincy Spider

The Incy Wincy Spider has become a cultural icon of spirit, courage, and perseverance - respect! I'm sure we can all be a little more like that little spider… :)

But we’re back with another kid’s classic on the ukulele! When playing this one, as always, be sure to hit those chord changes right on the beat. I’m sure I don’t need to tell any parents out there that if you screw it up, your audience will certainly let you know!

Playing For Children

When playing for children, you can experiment with rhythm a bit. Try accenting those backbeats, beats 2 and 4, to give the song some more energy. Another good tip is to mess around with the dynamics. If you play softly, you’ll encourage them to get quiet and listen more carefully. And kids love a good crescendo! Build the volume back up towards the end to give them a good, strong finish. Another thing to try with this song is to slow down the tempo to give your audience a chance to do all of the hand movements while you’re playing.


We’re keeping it simple here with three chords - C, F, and G7.

Children's Songs For Mums And Dads

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