Intermediate Revision

We've covered a whole lot of stuff in this Intermediate Foundation so before you are set free to run rampant on the Style Modules we really should have a look at all the things you should know!!

Chords (to be played with any root note)

  • E Shape Grips: Major, Minor, 7, Minor 7.
  • A Shape Grips: Major, Minor, 7, Minor 7.
  • Triad Shapes, Major and Minor on strings 1/2/3

Scales (all played from memory and know the root notes!)

  • Major Scale (Pattern 1)
  • Blues Scale (Patterns 1)
  • Hybrid Blues Scale (Pattern 1)
  • Major Pentatonic (Pattern 5 and 1)

Rhythms (all to be used in a song)

  • Play Straight 16th note pattern
  • Play 16th note pattern using accents
  • Play 16th note pattern using syncopation
  • Play Spreads, Splangs, Chips
  • Play Picked Fingerstyle


  • Work out any note on the fingerboard (within a few seconds)
  • Play a simple melody by reading notation
  • Create Melodic Patterns and apply them to scales


  • Use The Minimum Movement Exercise
  • Play Scales With A Metronome
  • Control String Noise (string muting techniques)
  • Bend A String 


  • Improvise a solo using The Major Scale
  • Improvise a solo using The Blues Scale or Blues Hybrid
  • Improvise a solo using The Major Pentatonic Scale 
  • Use any finger on any note
  • Play a Blues Bass Line

JUSTIN Method / Ear Training / Transcribing

  • Distinguish Major, Minor, 7 and minor 7 chords.
  • Transcribe easy melodies.
  • Work out simple songs on your own.

You can do all that? You're intermediate man - now it's time to put it to use in the Style Modules and become a Playa!

Intermediate Foundation 5