Introducing... JustinGuitar TABS!

I'm introducing JustinGuitar TABS! Sheet music for my songs has been the most requested feature since I started the site!

It's taken quite a few years, but I’ve finally reached a deal with publishers to sell access to sheet music for (almost) every song on the website. It wasn’t easy, but I think we’ve found a great way to offer my students the best chord/lyric and tabs on the Internet. Big thank you to Ben, who developed the solution with awesome functionalities (you can even change the key of the songs!), and my publisher Hal Leonard for digging the idea!

My song lessons have helped most of you learn songs, and now JustinGuitar TABS will make learning new songs even easier and more fun - particularly for more complicated tunes. :) There are over 600 songs in total, about 150 of them have the 'full tab' like you might find in an "as recorded by" tab book, and 450 are lyrics with chords above them. The reason for the two types is that for easier chord strumming style songs, it's better to have the transposing (changing the key) option, and full TAB for beginners can look daunting and is overkill!

I will make sure they perfectly fit my song lessons, but It's a work in progress. There are some right now that don't match perfectly... but it's proven so popular already that I will be able to employ a few people to get them all synced perfectly very soon. I'll also be adding many of my jazz transcriptions and song analysis charts!

I couldn’t make this product free because of the publishing royalties we need to pay - but I kept it as affordable as I can. Because of licensing arrangements, I am not allowed to give JustinGuitarTABS away. I give all other products to people if they can’t afford them, but this one I just can’t. 

To try and make the best out of this ‘restriction,’ I'm officially working on a new project, JustinGuitarASSIST, a fund that gives guitars to people who can’t afford one. I'll talk more about that in the next newsletters, but know that your support helps me help many people out there. ;)

I'm planning a video introducing the JustinGuitar TABS and showing y'all how it looks like. If you have any questions - drop them in the comments below!

If you subscribe before April 6th, you get a 20% discount on the yearly subscription. Don't miss that out. :)


Responses to comments & requests!

WHERE ARE THE TABS? They're here on the song pages for each lesson. Just go to the song you want to learn, and under the video, you will see a tab that says TABS (next to notes!), click that, and you'll see the chord/lyric sheet - on the black menu bar, there's a text that says View Tabs - click that to see the full tab where available!

Thank you for the corrections. We're working on them as fast as we can, and making a list of everything that needs fix. Pity that we released over easter, where most of the team are taking a break, but I'm doing as much as I can! :) Also just edited a YouTube video to explain a few of the questions! I will do a better one when we get these tweaks done this week!

  1. Yes, we'll get a list of songs with full TABS up asap - and on the filters on all songs page.
  2. I'm working hard on adding as many more tabs as fast I can check them. Just added: Sultans of Swing, Master Blaster, Song For George, Rock n Roll, and load more coming in the next few days!
  3. We're planning to replace the dots with page numbers for the songs with multiple pages of tab.
  4. Will do a lesson about transposing and why / how it is helpful!
  5. Fixing Layla now...
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