Josh Smith: Killer Blues Chords

Josh Smith is one of the finest Blues guitarists ever, certainly in the top 10 living Blues guitar players! He's worked incredibly hard and is a true master of the form and his depth of knowledge is quite astounding - he's memorised hundreds of songs and solos from all the great and understands them on a deep level - the history and lineage.

This is actually the second session with Josh,m the first one the audio was not so hot - but I might put it out.

If you dig his playing then check out his awesome course on Truefire (I got it!) and his website to see grab his Live At The Spud concert video (he's INCREDIBLE live!) - and go see him in person when this virus mess is under control!

Hope you enjoy this - already getting a lot of requests for a detailed lesson on the things he's talking about here - so will explore it more soon!

Justin Schooled!