Justin's Amp Rig 2007

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This vid shows you a rack I used for touring around 2005, I don't use any kinda rack stuff anymore really at all, I still have the G System somewhere and the Mesa RecPre is in my studio but hasn't been turned on for quite a few years now!! Thought I'd leave this vid up just for interest.

Links and other info...

Equipment shown in my rack:

Furman Power Distributor / Conditioner
More info coming soon...

TC Electronic G-System
This thing is the centre of my guitar rig and controls the Mesa Rec-pre and turns the pedals on and off (well in and out really).

Mesa Boogie Recording Pre-amp
This is a great sounding unit for both live and studio applications.

SKB Pedal Tray
With a selection of pedals on it...

Mesa Boogie 50/50 Valve Power Amplifier
More info coming soon...

Mesa Boogie 12" Speakers
More info coming soon...

TC Electronic G-System
Mesa Boogie

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