Justin's Original Music Projects

I've been writing songs as long as I can remember so here are some examples of projects I've been involved with ... I've done loads of different things over the years, rock, punk, funk, electronica, jingles, library... spent a long time trying to write pop songs (for others to perform) and got close to some success with it but it never quite happened, was a load of fun though and I learned a lot about writing and the "business" of music - and I did get a platinum disc for a song I wrote for Katie Melua called Turn To Tell.

As well as my own albums I'm going to try and get permission to put up some of the early material I wrote, fun jingles and pop tracks that never left the nest!

We Came As Strangers

My main band project is a Trip Hop band called We Came As Strangers. We have three albums out, Recipe For Adventure, Shattered Matter and Eyedom. Each one was written and recorded in just 2 weeks with 3 of my bestest friends, Ellem on vocals, Tim Harries on bass and Owen Thomas on drums, keys and production. We have a lot of fun making these and you'll find all out albums on Spotify!

Click here for our album Eyedom on all music services. Our first album is below :)

Small Town Eyes

I don't really dig this album - mainly because of my vocal, I was trying to sing in ways I shouldn't... but the songs are decent and it was a lot of fun. Really must get around to making another album.

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