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So I'm putting together this area for people who dig my music enough to learn it. I'm also planning to put up video's of people doing covers of my songs, so if you have done a cover of one of my tunes then please let me know and I'll try and get it included!

** NEEDS updating to include WCAS songs and stuff.

Instructional Videos and TABs for my songs!
Here are all the lyrics for the songs and tabs and video's - as they get done the links will appear ;) TABs are all written by me, so I know they are correct (well I may have made typo errors) and my mate Super Dario is making them nice in Sibelius for me cos I don't have time and he is super quick at that stuff, well his is Super Dario what else would you expect? Will try and get all the rest done for you as soon as I can!

Material from Small Town Eyes Album

Forevergreen Lyrics Chords    
Love And Levity Lyrics Chords    
From Katie's Window - - Tab Video Lesson / Forum Help
I Turn To Tell Her Lyrics      
Cutting Out Lyrics Chords    
I Know? Lyrics      
Imperfect Lyrics      
Into The Blue Lyrics      
Pity The Rose Lyrics Chords    
Page 99 Lyrics   Tab Video Lesson / Forum Help
Falling Next To You Lyrics Chords    
Waste This Lyrics Chords    
Broken - -    

From Katie's Window - Performance and Video Lesson

Page 99 - Performance and Video Lesson

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