Lee's Private Lesson 1

In this first lesson for Lee, we went about some goal setting by getting 3 songs he'd like to learn... they were:

  1. Little Wing - Hendrix
  2. Black Dog - Zeppelin
  3. Old Love - Clapton

We chatted about things he needs to work on and that he had time for a 30 minute a day practice session so he got:

10 mins - Having fun, messing around and playing whatever he wants
5 mins - Major Scale with a metronome
10 mins - Little Wing practice (learning from my lesson!)
5 mins - Lick Book (writing out as many licks as he knows in tab!)

and one 60 minute session each 2 weeks on transcribing - starting with some lead lines from Old Love.

After the lesson, I typed it up into the practice routine paper (free download!) and sent him on his way - lets see how he does in 2 weeks!

Sorry about the poor audio quality - hoping it will be better for next time!

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