Lee's Private Lesson 2

Lee did awesome on his scale work and on Little Wing, but not so well on the transcribing. So we moved to the next stage of scale work and gave him a new track to get transcribing.

30 minute a day practice session so he got:

  • 10 mins - Having fun, messing around and playing whatever he wants
  • 5 mins - Major Scale with a metronome - alternating been playing it 'normally' and playing it in 3rds! which reminds me, I must make a lesson about playing the major scale in 3rds!
  • 10 mins - Little Wing practice (learning from my lesson!)

And making this - reminded me - I forgot to check his lick book! Bad teacher - will remind him about this next session!

  • 5 mins - Lick Book (writing out as many licks as he knows in tab!)

and one 60 minute session each 2 weeks on transcribing:

We went for filming and editing this time, the quality of the live stream was not good enough and also I think it makes it more comfortable for us doing the lesson. We'll be doing the same in the future - but we'll both check-in and answer comments here on the website!

Hope ur digging this series!


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