Lee's Private Lesson 3

In Lee's 3rd lesson we explored looking at another Scale "Melodic Sequence" the 4-in-a-line.

We chat more about notes on the neck and a newgame to help develop them in your mind.

Bit more chat about transcribing and how to do it.

Re-visited the lick book idea and about getting back into Music Theory study.

The routine is:

1. 5mins/day : Scales - alternating between 3rds, 4-in-a-line and straight.

2. 5mins/day : Notes on the neck. 

a) "Find A Note" Exercise: C/G/D (revision) adding in A and E.

b) Looking at neck notes and looking for patterns

c) Mental Fretboard - know notes from thickest to thinnest strings on dots (3,5,7) - build the note map in your mind.

3. 60 mins (twice): Transcribing - continue.

4. 5 mins/day Lee's Blues Lick Book: 10 licks in TAB - do them all the in the key of A.

6. 15 mins (3 times a week): Little Wing Practice

7. When can't get guitar in your hands: Theory - Grade 3 (at least halfway through by next lesson please)

The Captain's Privates