Lee's Private Lesson 5

Lee's had another great couple of weeks and making superb progress - hope people following along are too!

- notes on the neck going great!
- getting to the root of how Lee learns (we all learn differently and need to figure it out on our own, or get help from a teacher!)
- great progress with transcribing - even if he hated it!

- None really!

Coming Next week
5 Penta pattern revision - and adding melodic sequences to them.
Basic Harmonic Analysis!


This week he's been set:

  1. Lick Book - Exploring licks one at a time
    1. Use backing track and explore different ways to repeat/modify a lick
    2. Look at ways of changing the lick to other melodic ideas.
  2. Theory - continue course (Just to add in Why! to as many lessons as possible!)
  3. Listening - at least 30 mins a week pure listening to Beano album (John Mayall & Blues Breakers Feat. Eric Clapton)
  4. Transcribing - pick 5 licks from Beano that Lee loves and transcribe them.
  5. Notes on neck - going great - continue!
  6. Scales
    1. Continue 3rds practice - add in 3NPS P1
    2. Continue legato work - focus on slow flick-offs - make sure movement is good and notes are clear - no fluffy stuff.
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