Lee's Private Lesson 6

Lee's been a bit busy with you all buying stuff from his store - but we got him a solid schedule to hit where he can in the holidays and we'll see him back in a month to get serious for 2019!

Coming Next Lesson (in early 2019!)
• More harmonic analysis of licks and solos
• More Melodic Sequences for pentatonics
• Basic foundations of Modes


This week he's been set:

  1. Revision of all 5 Minor Pentatonic Patterns (Start and end on lowest root note!)
  2. Practice Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1 - "In 4ths" (video coming shortly!)
  3. Theory Course - get stuck in!
  4. Transcribing - find 10 licks you love and work out how to play them!
  5. 3NPS Major Scale Pattern 1
    1. Legato (hammer-ons and flick-offs) as triplets
    2. Playing the scale with 4 notes per click (or foot tap)
  6. Little Wing - work on exploring target tones to a backing track (or loop you make). Aim to know where you are and what chord you are playing over at all times. This will make it a bit clunky for a while, but stick at it and it will smooth out and you'll have learned a really valuable skill!

If you can - make some time to listen to new music - with no distractions!


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