Legato 1: Hammer-Ons

In this first Legato Primer lesson, we get to grips with using Hammer-Ons (HO) with the Major Scale Pattern 1 (3NPS System) - make sure you have that well down before you start on this stuff! You need to know it from memory. I recommend 

Take your time when learning this and focus on getting the notes clear and strong. Let your fingers 'dance' later!

I would recommend at least a week (5 mins a day) on this before starting on Flick-Offs (FO) which we'll be checking out next lesson.

Practice Tips

1. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!

2. When 'turning around' and coming back down the scale - you can play the thinnest string once or twice, up to you. Same on the thickest string.

3. Don't pick too hard or the lines will become 'lumpy', eventually, you want all notes to have a controlled dynamics and even accent notes that are not picked.

4. Use the tips of the fingers, not the flat of the pad.

5. Don't overdo it if your hand gets sore!


Legato Primer