Legato 4: The Cycle

In this lesson, we look at the transition between working on every note cleanly to working on a relaxed hand feeling and allowing your fingers to 'dance' rather than be tense.

We keep it simple by looking at the middle 2 strings of Pattern 1 Major (3NPS) which has no stretching and should be comfortable for most of you.

I've shown it in the TAB as 16th notes but you can, of course, use any subdivisions you like and also be aware you can also just go 'as fast as you can' which can be helpful for getting the relaxed feeling - much like it's harder to ride a bike slowly -same with finding the relaxed feeling!

Once you feel happy with this, it's well worth exploring other 2 string groups and the more adventurous of you might try expanding it into other patterns too!

Legato Primer