Lesson 10 Practice Schedule

As with previous lessons, you should be open to tweaking this as needed - it really is just a starting point.

  • 5" Songs repertoire revision
  • 2" Attempting F Chord / Changes
  • 2" Weak Finger G / A barre
  • PFC C to weak finger G
  • 2' C Major Scale Alt Picking
  • 2' C Major Scale Improvisation with backing track
  • 1' Push Practice Strumming (or leave it for later and spend more time on something else!)
  • 1' Hammer Ons
  • 4' La Bamba
  • 10" Song work (new songs - with F?)
  • PLUS Explore progressions in own time!

When to move on?

Pretty simple really here - I'm hoping you are getting the idea by now and are learning to make your own judgment calls on when you will be ready to move on.... but here's the list:

  • Memorise the weak finger G and the A mini barre
  • Be able to play the C major scale using alternate picking (no set speed, but keeping the rhythm consistent)
  • Have learned one song (at least) using weak finger G)
  • Had some fun with La Bamba
  • OPTIONAL - Be able to use the Push strumming pattern (maybe in a song, or not!)


Lesson 10: Weak G Bamba