Lesson 11 Practice

Please note that Nitsuj had an extra 1minute on a flick offs exercise but I don't think it was very effective so I dumped it - just in case you notice he's doing something you're not! He helps show me what works and what doesn't!

Of course - remember you can edit this to suit your journey and what you need - it's just a suggestion!

  • 5" Songs repertoire revision
  • 2" F Chord / Changes
  • 3" Exploring Sus (ornaments)
  • 2' C Major Scale Improv
  • 4' Fingerstyle Exercises
  • 4' Happy Birthday
  • 10" Song work (new songs)

When to move on?

Well this is a kind of taster lessons so you can get as much of it nailed down as you want - I would suggest:

  • learn one fingerstyle song
  • explore using sus chords in a song or riff
  • learn Happy Birthday to a level where you could get through it at a party!

And then get ready to ROCK! :)


Lesson 11: Sus Fingerstyle