Lesson 6 Practice

You probably know the drill by now, but... The best way to do your practice is to use My Practice Assistant which is available free on your dashboard. Click the practice tab above and then select replace Current Active Routine (your old one will be saved in Inactive Routines). Then go to your dashboard (link top right of screen) and then select the Practice tab - and off you go!

Here’s a breakdown of what a typical 20-minute practice session should look like to practice everything you’ve learned in Lesson 5:

  • 1" Finger Stretch
  • 1" Alternate single string (focus on pick angles, wrist/arm movements)
  • 2" G Chord Perfect
  • 1" Chord Perfect on (what's the struggle?)
  • 1" OMC G to C
  • 1" OMC G to D
  • 1" OMC C to D (or whatever you feel is the hardest changes for you!)
  • 2" Strumming (6:8)
  • 10" Song work

You’ll be ready to move on when...

  • You can get around 30 chord changes in one minute
  • You’ve memorized all of the chords you’ve learned so far – A, D, E, Am, Dm, Em, C and G
  • You've explored alternate picking on a single string and have experienced the dramatic differences that picking angle can have on how easy it is!
  • You’re had a go at strumming in 6:8, preferably with a metronome, and even if you're still finding it difficult - you know what to do and can kinda do it - just needs longer-term practice with songs!
  • You’re able to play at least one song (that uses the G Chord) decently, well most of the way through. Hey Joe is a great one because it uses all five major shapes!
Lesson 6: G Chord Hacked +