Mary Had A Little Lamb

Mary’s lamb seems to be keeping her quite busy these days, and for some reason, our kids love to sing about it!

This song is super simple, but it’s got a ton of verses to keep your little ones occupied for quite a while. While you’re playing, encourage them to join in and sing along! Experiment with the strumming patterns and dynamics to make it interesting for them. Approach it as you would if you were reading them a storybook - your voice inflections, tones, dramatic pauses, etc. can make a world of difference in how well they’re engaged in the story. It’s the same thing with music!


Just a quick note on strumming - when you’re playing around with different rhythms and strumming patterns, remember that you’re not limited to just down strums! Feel free to work in some up strums using your 1st finger, and listen to the different tones you get when using the fleshy part of your finger versus your fingernail.


Only two chords in this one - C and G7 :) super easy.

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