Minor 9

I do like a nice minor 9 lick me. This one has quite a few nice tricks to teal, the use of the C Major 7the arpeggio shape over the A minor gives us the nice minor 9 sound, and the use of the major 7th note (G#) really brings in the jazz flavour.

The progression I was jamming around with at the end was A minor7 with a Bb7 every now and then. Now just to make your head hurt a bit... the Bb7 is a tritone substitution for E7, which of course is the V -> I cadence. And for this you use the Bb Lydian Dominant mode, but mostly I was just playing off the Bb7 Arpeggio for that chord!

What's with the Irish accent? It's a very old joke among some close friends ;)


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