Module 1 Practice Schedule

Welcome to your first practice routine! We've learned many things, and now it's time to set an effective schedule to improve your guitar skills. Consolidating your knowledge is as important as learning new things.

Log in to your JustinGuitar account to make the most of your time and track your progress! My Practice Assistant is a fantastic resource - and it's free to all users. :)

In this lesson, we'll set your first practice routine with everything we've learned so far. Focusing on the right skills at the right time will make you improve faster. Using My Practice Assistant will keep you accountable and motivated!



Yes, you read it right! Only 20 minutes per day will make you improve faster. Short sessions help with focus, and regular practice help to build your muscle memory.

At this point of your guitar journey, some level of sore things is normal. If that's your case, short but regular sessions will help you better than long ones! If you're struggling with painful fingers, check out these 3 tips to avoid finger pain.

If you're following the Beginner Course, you know how to play D and Ahow to move faster between chords, and a simple strumming pattern. It's a lot to practice! The secret is to have fun, and that's why we'll dedicate a timeslot to practice songs you like.


Here's what I suggest as your first practice routine:

● Chord Perfect – D Chord: 3 minutes

● Chord Perfect – A Chord: 3 minutes

● Anchor Finger Practice: 2 minutes

● One Minute Changes - A to D: 1 minute

● One Minute Changes - D to A: 1 minute

● Song work: 10 minutes



If this is your first time using My Practice Assistant, you need to create a routine to add the practice items. Don't forget there are a timer, statistics counter, and metronome to help you out.

Everything you need in just one place! Awesome, eh? Learn how to use My Practice Assistant with me. :)



So now, the big question is: Are you ready to move on to the next module? :) Well, here's how you'll know:

● You’ve memorized both the A and D chords.

● You can make at least 30 chord changes in one minute.

● You had a go at playing a song.

Ready? Let’s go!