Module 2 Practice

Congrats! You made it to our second guitar module together! :) Now it's time to set an effective practice schedule to improve your guitar skills. For this stage, we'll have a 20-minute practice session. This plan will cover everything we've learned in Module 2!

Here are some guitar practice tips to remember: 

  • I recommend committing to 4 practice sessions a week

  • Don't over-practice - it can lead to finger pain

  • Make sure to have a light touch with your fingers when practicing chord changes - don't press the strings too hard, and aim for the correct finger placement

  • Use the right pick - thinner picks are more suitable for beginners

  • Don't forget about tapping your foot - this is really helpful!


My Practice Assistant 

The best way to practice the guitar is to use My Practice Assistant, which is available for free to all users! My Practice Assistant is a fantastic tool to keep you accountable and motivated. :)

Make sure you log in to your JustinGuitar account to make the most of your time and track your progress. Once logged in, go to your dashboard. The link is on the top right of your screen - you can access it here. Select the Practice tab, and off you go! Of course, you can edit your routine as you wish. :) 


20-Minute Practice Breakdown 

Here is my recommendation for a typical 20-minute practice session at this stage:

  • Chord Perfect – E Chord: 2 minutes

  • Chord Perfect – D Chord: 1 minute

  • Chord Perfect – A Chord: 1 minute

  • Anchor Finger Practice: 2 minutes

  • One Minute Changes - A to D: 1 minute

  • One Minute Changes - A to E: 1 minute

  • One Minute Changes - D to E: 1 minute

  • Peter Gunn Theme Riff Fun: 1 minute

  • Song work: 10 minutes



  • You memorized the E chord - as well as A and D chords, of course! :)

  • You are comfortable using an anchor finger for these chord changes

  • You can get around 30 chord changes in one minute between all chords learned so far

  • You had some fun with the Peter Gunn Theme

  • You had a go at playing a song (or two) using all three chords.

Now good luck and see you soon!

Module 2: The E Gunn