Module 7 Practice

This lesson is a real tricky one for me because we're all going to have different struggles at this point and need to design the routine different ways for different people. Please do leave me feedback in the comments below so that I can gauge the most common needs at this stage and react to them.

Starting Point

So before I started my own consolidations I wrote a routine that I think will address the most common needs for people at this stage, but when it came to Nitsuj's practice, we changed it a LOT (but he does have a rather mixed skillset!). My starting point for your routine is:

  • 2" Chord Perfect on (what's the struggle)
  • 2 x 1" OMC Worst 2 (if needed)
  • 2" Strumming (working w metronome)
  • 2" Strumming 6:8 (working w metronome)
  • 2" riff fun!
  • 10" Song work

I have added the above to the downloadable routine in the tab above and that might make a good starting point.


And it's a BIG BUTT (and I can not lie) - you HAVE to adapt it to what YOU need! As a self-learner you are going to have to make the calls here - in private lessons a good teacher will be able to see what you are struggling with and should adapt your routine to help it - but on your own, on a course like this, you need to trust your instincts and also be honest with yourself and what you want.

One thing I do recommend is not being too critical at this point. Many of you taking my advice and doing each lesson for (at least) 2 weeks will be only 12 weeks into your guitar journey... if you've done the prescribed 4 x 20-minute sessions a week you will have only done around 8 hours total practice time... and you should not expect to be a master guitarist at this point (it's quite far from the 10,000 hour rule to become an expert eh!).

So what should you be aiming for?

It's cliché I know but ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

Don't be ain a hurry here - take your time and enjoy playing songs and work through things at a pace that feels good and that you're enjoying

Nitsuj's Approach

So when I sat down with Nitsuj to work on his consolidation routine it was odd because he already memorized the chords and has a reasonable sense of time and strumming - so for him the best and most effective approach was playing songs! That was pretty much it - some occasional OMC experiments which were more for me as a teacher to explore new teaching approaches and ideas - but for the most part it was about working on a relaxed rhythm and getting the chord changes sorted out.

He ended up doing 10 sessions for consolidation - probably could have done with a few more but he needs to crack onto the Grade 2 stuff to refine that journey before you get to it! ;)

Adapt The Practice Assistant

If you've not explored it yet then I would strongly suggest that you get familiar with editing the routines in My Practice Assistant and then use it :)

Once you're familiar with it, it's pretty easy to edit and manipulate - start with the suggested routine and change it - or make your own practice items from scratch.

They won't have the video play-along parts - but looking at my stats there are not so many of you using them anyways!

Good luck - see you for Grade 2 soon! :)