Music Production Introduction

Hey Guys (and Gals)!

I'm Adam, and I work with Justin helping run the channel and making sure his videos are edited and released on time. 

Recently he asked me to put together a Beginner Production Course for you. I'm a music producer by trade and thought it'd be a really fun opportunity to share some of the knowledge I wish I had been shown years ago.

I thought the best way to teach this course was to produce a track together from an empty project, right through to finishing mix techniques. So, I've put together an indie-pop song using default sounds from Logic Pro X and we're going to remake it together. In this video, I show you the song we're going to examine and discuss the lesson plan for this course.

One thing to note, I will be teaching this course in Logic Pro X. I know that some people will only have access to Ableton, Garage Band, Reaper, Pro Tools or even Fruity Loops. This course isn't going to cover the specifics of how to use those programs. What it will cover is techniques that apply to all aspects of music production such as arrangement and composition, and these tools will be useful no matter which program you choose to work in.

Let's jump into this course together!