Note Circle: By Rote

It’s a pretty old school approach, but I’ve found that most students find it useful to write out the Note Circle a bunch of times. It might seem a bit over the top, but I’ve found that by the time you’ve written it out 10 times it’s usually pretty well worked into the memory bank, especially if you repeat the exercise over a week.

There are 12 notes and therefore 12 ‘stops’ around the circle, so you can easily make your own ‘clock’ to write the notes out, as described below.

Mix up this exercise; sometimes use all sharps, sometimes all flats, sometimes using both. Do it as many ways as you can to get it absorbed clearly into your memory!

I did think about making a pdf sheet for you - but figured that would be encouraging you to be lazy - and it's not hard! ;)

Note Circle By Wrote

Music Theory 1