One Minute Changes (F3)

The fun begins!! Now as if it wasn't hard enough to play the A Shape Barre Chord - you are now working on changing to and from it! This really helps! It's a pain and it can get frustrating, but stick with it and it won't be long before you are changing effortlessly between all your barre chords!


These changes should be fast - but they also need to be good - so don't sacrifice a good barre chord for the speed. Once you get the fingers moving right you should find they kinda speed up on their own! strange but true.

So don't be a slouch - work it - try and get those changes going as fast as you can, but try and keep the accuracy too. I know those A Shape Major Barres are little buggers and make the inside of your 3rd finger hurt - happened to all of us. You just have to get through this bit and you'll be there. The other A Shape Barre Grips are pretty easy really - I'm getting you introduced to the hard one first!

I have picked these changes because they are common and take you though the most popular changes that you will likely come across in songs.

The recommended changes are:

  1. A (E Shape) to D Major (A Shape)
  2. F# (E Shape) to C# Major (A Shape)
  3. B (E Shape) to D# Major (A Shape)
  4. G minor (E Shape) to C Major (A Shape)
  5. Ab minor (E Shape) to E Major (A Shape)

It's gonna be tough, but you can do it - I know you can! :) It's just practice! I promise :)))

Moving On...

Once you feel good with that it's time to check out a new approach to playing the Major Scale!

Intermediate Foundation 3