One Minute Changes - Stage 4

Them chords they keep a-changin'...

...and we had a whole heap of new chords in this stage, so you have some work to do! By this stage, you should be identifying the changes that you need to work on alongside my suggestions.

1 Minute Changes

So you should always remember to:

"Practice what you can't do, don't practice what you can"

So if you find one of these changes easy, then substitute it for a change that you find hard. The following changes all have something about them that I think is good to practice, so this is a suggested list to start you off, but then just get in work on the ones that you find hardest!

  1. C to G7 - Starting with C , stretch your fingers out and get to G7!
  2. C7 to Fmaj7- Keep 1st finger down as an anchor.
  3. E to B7- 2nd finger anchor for this chord change.
  4. ? to ? (for most people G to C is good to work on)
  5. ? to ? (perhaps something using the new mini barre, G to A is a good one)

Some other good suggestions:

  • C7 to G7 - This is a tough one for many people! Getting the little finger to behave can be tricky. 
    Do it slow a few times before you start and make sure your fingers know where they are going.
  • D to A (mini-barre) - These chords are often found together in songs, so they are a good couple!
  • Fmaj7 to A (min-barre) - Just because it's kind of tricky!

Remember that working on one change helps most of the others too, so don't stress out about trying to do every possible chord change because there are simply too many, and you are better off putting time into playing songs too.

Moving On...

Next up I am going to show you a little trick to help you develop your chord changes so we can start on some proper songs soon!