One Minute Changes - Stage 5

Now we've got ‘air changes' to work in, too.

At this stage, you need to pick five chords that you struggle to change between and just work on those. Everyone is different and finds certain chords harder than others, so it is next to impossible for me to tell you which ones you should do!

One Minute Changes

You have now learnt 17 chords, and there are many possibilities for changes now—in fact, over 100 combinations— so how do you choose which changes to do?

Well, what I would recommend is that you look for chords that you find difficult that appear in a song that you are learning or want to learn. That way you are working on chord changes that you will actually use.

So pick some chords, write them into your practice routine and off you go!

Usually, I recommend a student can stop doing the One-Minute Changes once they reach 60 changes in a minute (playing each chord 30 times).

You might like to make yourself a spreadsheet to keep track of which chords you have got to what speeds, or you might want to check out my Beginner Song Course App which can keep track of it for you! :)

Moving On...

Next up we are going to look at a new kinda rhythm.