Open Strings Between Changes

Open strings between chord changes is probably something you’ve already heard loads of times, though you might not have noticed it or knew what it was.

This is simply when you can hear the open strings ring out in between fretted chords. These tend to work best with a lighter up strum as they’re usually not intended to be an actual part of the tune you’re playing. They’re more of an 'accidental embellishment' that sounds cool.

They can help to make chord changes feel less clunky and jerky, more lazy and groovy. Hitting the chord changes super precisely doesn’t always sound the best, it sometimes sounds more tense, and really, it doesn’t need to be serious!

This might be a good time to remind you all that music is never “wrong” as long as it sounds good! If you like the way it sounds and if it’s not disrupting the rest of the band if you’re playing with one, go for it. It might not be “right,” but:

If It Sounds Good, It Is Good :)

This is something to now be aware of more than do focussed practice on it, in fact trying to do it is pretty hard, it's something you will find happens on its own if you don't try to stop it.