Open Suspended Chords

I've loved the sound of suspended chords since I started playing and worked out how to play the intro to Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi! I'd worked out the main chords and was trying to figure out how Ritchie was doing the 'twiddle' in the verses and just by messing around figured that I could add my little finger on the thinnest string to my D Chord and it sounded ace!

I would recommend that all players learn how to use Sus chords, they're included in my Beginner Course.


Asus2 Chord


Asus4 Chord




Dsus4 Chord






Note there is no lesson on the Esus2 because it doesn't sound as cool, it's not as easy to use at the others. I've just included it here for the sake of completion! It kinda looks like a B Power Chord but with the E bass note. 


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