PedalTrain & Pedal Power Pro II Setup

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So as I was about to build another pedalboard I figured I'd give you guys the low down as I do it. So this first video shows setting up the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Pro II with the PedalTrain 2 pedal board. I've been using PedalTrain boards for a while now and really like them.

Check out PedalTrain pedalboards here

Voodoo labs are new on board for me, but I was having problems with my previous one and figured I'd move on to the 'industry standard'.

Check out Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Pro II here

Extra Hint
I used a 3mm drill bit for the vid and had to muck about a bit making the holes slightly bigger. When I drill holes for the next board I'm going to buy a 1/8th size bit to save hassle, and I'd suggest you do the same!

Next video we'll get the pedals set up, wired in and powered up!

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