Reverb: Examples To Hear

Below there are links to excellent examples of different reverbs! If you know any other excellent examples, let me know in the comments! :)

Early amp (spring) based reverb sounds are often associated with the craze for Surf Guitar:

  • Dick Dale & the Del Tones: ‘Misirlou’ (1963): 
  • The Shadows ‘Apache’ (1960): (Hank Marvin used an Italian echo unit - the Meazzi Echomatic 1 - as part of achieving his classic sound)

Reverb is integral to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour’s beautiful strat sound:

Reverb is a crucial aspect of much Reggae and Dub:

Which would be a heavy influence on e.g., the Police: 

In the 1980s reverb was used e.g., by U2 and producer Daniel Lanois to create a huge ‘widescreen’ sound for their albums including The Unforgettable Fire (1985) and The Joshua Tree (1987):

For an example of the use of a natural space - here, a stairwell in a stately home: 

Here is a nice example of digital reverb:

You may see reference to Gated Reverb, which is a way of using reverb in conjunction with a noise gate to create a specific effect associated with punchy, 80s drums. This is a little different from the other reverb usage above as it’s not attempting to emulate natural reverberation; it takes the possibilities of reverb technologies to create something different.

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