REVIEW - Sanyo Pedal Juice

I got an email from Sanyo asking if I wanted try out their new pedal. I was kinda surprised because Sanyo were not even on my radar as doing guitar stuff at all, so I said yes out of curiosity more then anything else, I had no idea about what it was or anything.

It arrived a week or so later and I opened it up, and it was basically a big rechargeable battery to power pedals. Interesting. Why would I need that? I ask myself...

So I tried it out and it powered all the pedals on my board easy (I use a Distributor made by Gig Rig) which was kinda cool not to have to plug in. It seems to last ages too. Not counted hours but I think on the box it said up to 50 hours!

What i found really cool was not having to drag around the power supply all the time. I'm always chopping and changing pedals, and moving stuff from the live room to the control room and playing about and having a portable power supply was really useful. I now use it all the time. My main board is usually plugged into a wall power, but as soon as I move it into the live recording room, rehearsals or anything, I just grab the juice!

It also can eliminate hum if you have bad ground loops in your system, which I don't have at my studio cos we have pro wiring and power conditioners. But for many people that would be a big plus too.

It even powers small amps like the Roland Microcube

It's not cheap, but it really is very useful! Check it out - much more info on their web site with exact spec and stuff!

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