Rut Busters ep.2 Groovin' On The 6

Difficulty: Spectrum
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In this second episode, we're starting to get a rhythm going and I'm getting to grips with containing the Captains thought train! :)

I'd just done a big lesson on the 6th for my Colouring The Blues course and I knew it was a fun topic for some new ideas, so thought it would be a fun one for Lee to explore while we figured out where it was all going!

Andertons Music

Captain Lee runs Andertons Music in Guildford (UK) which is a store near me and who I knew had a great presence on YouTube, so I got in touch about trying out some collaboration ideas and it's morphed into these lesson for Lee, which are a lot of fun! We also have some gear reviews planned where Lee will come hang at my studio!



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