Rut Busters ep.3 Chord Specific Licks

In this third instalment with Captain Lee (of the good ship Andertons) we check out licks that fit specifically over a chord.

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Blues Licks module has loads of licks, many of which are chord specific!
Blank Tab to write out your pet licks

The Gear

I'm just waiting on some gear details, but will include links here to the guitars and amps (and effects) that Lee and I use in each video, and include serial numbers where possible in case you want the exact guitar we used :)

Justin's Guitar: I borrowed Pete's Gibson 335 (not for sale)
Lee's Guitar: - Gray Guitars Emperor

Justin's Amp: Fender Deluxe
Lee's Amp: Victory?

About This Series

We hope this series will appeal to many intermediate players that feel 'stuck in a rut' and 'playing the same old stuff' and 'not making any progress' - things Lee feels and that I think I can help with.

This one lives on the Andertons YouTube Channel - they alternate between that and my main channel.

Andertons Music
Andertons is my local music store in Guildford (UK) and I got in touch with Lee to throw around some ideas for collaboration - and this was the first one we thought we'd hit into. It's a cool store and where I buy most of my stuff :) Big thanks to Danish Pete for his editing expertise and fun hangs too!