Rut Busters ep.6 What Key Am I In?

In this Rut Buster episode, we dig deeper into how to find out the chords in a key on the guitar neck.

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Diatonic Chords (chords in a key)

The Gear

I'm just waiting on some gear details, but will include links here to the guitars and amps (and effects) that Lee and I use in each video, and include serial numbers where possible in case you want the exact guitar we used :)

Justin's Guitar: Freidman Tele
Lee's Guitar: Fender Tele

Justin's Amp: Fender Deluxe
Lee's Amp: Victory

About This Series

We hope this series will appeal to many intermediate players that feel 'stuck in a rut' and 'playing the same old stuff' and 'not making any progress' - things Lee feels and that I think I can help with.

This one lives on the Andertons YouTube Channel - they alternate between that and my main channel.

Andertons Music
Andertons is my local music store in Guildford (UK) and I got in touch with Lee to throw around some ideas for collaboration - and this was the first one we thought we'd hit into. It's a cool store and where I buy most of my stuff :) Big thanks to Danish Pete for his editing expertise and fun hangs too!