Side Sliding

Side Sliding is basically sliding into a chord from a fret below. Quite a simple idea and it sounds awesome and feels good under the fingers when you get it cooking - but do be careful when practising because the skin on Finger 3 might not be used to it and I nearly wore a hole in my finger doing these lessons from so much 9th chord and side sliding practice! :)

Some TABs of grooves

Getting you started and keepin it simples.

Getting in some scratches in between - the trick with this one is missing the scratch when the slide happens!

Getting a few in the one bar - might be overkill - but certainly good practice!

Doing the Side Slide starting with an up strum - for the adventurous! :)

To Practice...

1. Grooves
The first thing to work on (obviously) is being able to do the grooves above and make sure you know what the focus is on each - they're trying to give you cool things to check out in each one.

2. With A Metronome
Again when you feel confident with each, try playing along with the metronome - don't be in a hurry to play them fast - be in hurry to make them feel good and stay in time with the metronome!

3. Explore
See what else you can make of the grooves - explore them, make them your own, and if at all possible, start jamming with them!!

4. Have Fun
Next lesson we're going to be putting these hits into specific places to create common funk grooves - so important here is for you to have some fun and just jam around with them and see what happens!

Real World Examples

One of those techniques that gets used a lot but hard to find obvious examples so will try to add some more soon - or let me know if you know some in the comments and I'll add them here as I can!
Got The Love - Average White Band

Recommended Album

You ain't never going to get the Funk if you're not listening to the greats! So with each lesson, I'm going to recommend a funk album for you to sink your ears into and help you get in the groove - some of the all-time classics and maybe some slightly less known albums too that I really dig.


Parliament - Mothership Connection (1975)

Parliament is less guitar heavy than other recommendations here but the grooves are so good! There's often guitar in there but it's more the single line variety, sometimes doubling the bass or weaving between the parts but they're adding a lot - see if you can 'zone in' on the guitar. The track Handcuffs is a good one to start with!

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