Sneak Peak At Justin's Studio

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So lots of people were asking about my filming and studio setups! So here's a little look around!

Camera gear

Panasonic GH5
Sigma 35mm lens (f1.4)
Metabones Speed Booster
Atomos Ninja Flame monitor

Panasonic GH4
Sigma 18-35mm lens (f1.8)
Metabones Speed Booster
Atomos Ninja V monitor

iPhone (set to 4k recording)


Ikan Lyra (main)

Ikan [can't recall the model] (backlight)

Manfrotto Lykos (fill light)


Editing in Final Cut Pro

Colour Grading with Film Convert


DAW: ProTools

Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo

Mic: DPA (hidden in hat!)

Guitar (usually the Kemper, sometimes amps in Ox Box)


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