Songs for Foundation 1

Keeping in line with making sure that your ear develops, my strongest recommendation is that you try and transcribe some songs yourself! In order to help you with that, I am putting some songs here and some hints to get you going with them.

If you really can't get motivated, then there are some links to some songs that I teach using the techniques used in this stage below them!

There are not many songs that just use E Shape Barre chords, most songs use both the E Shape and the A Shape. We're going to be looking at A Shape Barre chords soon and then there will be a WHOLE HEAP of tunes to do.

I used to have a list here of awesome songs that you should transcribe yourself, but then I did a lesson on them all - so maybe try some of the songs below but have a go at working them out on your own and use my lesson to check how you did! Transcribing really is the way forward!

Songs with lessons on

Mostly E Shape Barre Chords (and open chords)

Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis
Creep by Radiohead - there are some fancy variations here too - great song!
The Scientist by Coldplay - uses the E Shape but also uses an altered tuning and open strings mixed in, which is quite fun!
Times Like These by Jack Johnson - got some interesting strumming going on too, which we're going to check out in a future foundation lesson!
The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice - the chorus uses the A Shape, we'll do that soon - check out the verses for now and get to the choruses later!
Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival - actually this one is mostly open chords, but it's a bit tricky for beginners, maybe now's a good time to crack it?


In The Cold Cold Night by The White Stripes - uses octaves for all the main riff and then some power chords too.
Fire by Jimi Hendrix - uses octaves for the main riff - but also has some pretty tricky stuff going on.


Intermediate Foundation 1