Songs for Intermediate Foundation 2

Keeping in line with making sure that your ear develops, my strongest recommendation is that you try and transcribe some songs yourself! In order to help you with that, I am putting some songs here and some hints to get you going with them.

If you really can't be bothered then there are some links to some songs that I teach using the techniques used in this stage below them!

There are not many songs that just use E Shape Barre chords, most songs use both the E Shape and the A Shape. We're going to be looking at A Shape Barre chords next lesson and then there will be WHOLE HEAP of tunes to do.

I'm working on a series of Intermediate books too which will give you plenty of food for this course ;)

Songs to transcribe yourself

Have a go at some blues tunes, they will usually use 7th chords!

If you want some tips then check out this lesson, it will help your transcribing skills and give you some hints on specific songs to do if you want that!

TR-202 • 12 Bar Blues In Every Key

Songs with lessons on justinguitar

I gotta be honest here and I'm struggling to find songs that just use the E Shape barre chords and use min 7 and 7 other than looking at blues songs and moving the barres up and down the neck, which is not usually how it's done.

So check out the tunes from Foundation 1 and make sure you have some of them down while I hunt around a bit more and try and find some that might be good!

Some easy notation songs

The best thing to get your notation reading going is to just try and do some tunes!! There are loads of free classical notation around because mostly it is out of copyright, but have a look around the internet for free classical guitar sheet music and you'll find a lot!

The only bad thing is that it is not graded and I can't find free that are so it can be hard to find the easy ones - but if it looks easy it probably is :)) Guiliani's 24 Etudes are fun, some are easier than others.

I just added to my todo list to make a list of some free resources online / and or make a free pdf of easy stuff myself! :)


Intermediate Foundation 2